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About Trinity Episcopal Church

Who are we and how do you fit in?


As an Episcopal parish church, Trinity is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our building is Victorian Gothic, and dates from 1883.  We are part of a tradition that is both catholic and reformed, and that has sometimes been called the via media — the "middle way" between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.


Located in the heart of town, Trinity has been serving the community since 1864. We are certified as a "National Jubilee Center" for our outreach to those in need. We open our doors and arms to the hungry, the abused, and the addicted. Since we also serve as a periodic venue for performing arts, we think of ourselves as a “village church” true to our Anglican heritage.



Trinity Church has had a strong history in Alpena and is still active today working to bring good news to the community.  A free “Sunday Supper” served every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. and a Food Pantry help to provide food for those in need.  The congregation has an extremely active women’s group who work to support the mission and ministry of the church, only in addition to the vast contributions of time, talent, treasure and testimony from men, women, boys and girls from all walks of life. You may hear the bells of the carillon sounding the hour and even playing a few tunes from time to time downtown as a sign of the enduring presence of our community of faith.


Living on the “sunrise side”, folks in Alpena are ever reminded of the possibilities for new beginnings every day.  In a world of rapid change we experience an “already, but not yet” Kingdom of God and we share hopeful expectations for Trinity Episcopal Church and our community that together already hold signs of new beginnings and possibilities all around for what is yet to come.

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